Healthy Dessert Delights

Desserts are the most alluring part of a meal. The sweet craving after a fulfilling meal is because our body needs all the six tastes, and sweet is one of them. According to Ayurveda, it is recommended to consume sweet during summer as it maintains the coolness inside our body we will be sharing some easy and healthy dessert ideas to soothe your sweet craving and to break the stigma of not consuming sweets or desserts during a fitness journey.

1.     Gajar ka Halwa (Carrot Pudding)

Gajar ka Halwa is one of the most authentic and relished cuisine of India. This dessert is personally my favorite during winters. All we need is - 


         grated carrots

        Nuts, ghee

      Jaggery Powder (traditional sweetening agent).

To make divine and healthy Gajar ka Halwa, in a heated pan 2 tsp of desi ghee is added, along with crushed cardamom and some nuts (nuts are optional). After sorting the nuts in ghee for a minute, then grated carrot is added and fried till the color darkens till mild aroma develops further adding milk as required and covering the pan until the carrots are properly cooked and a strong aroma develops. Lastly, some jaggery powder is added as per taste and there we have, a palatable bowl of Gajar Ka Halwa. The combination of Ghee and milk acts as an amazing coolant for our bodies. Carrot is a great source of vitamins and minerals and is rich in Beta-Carotene, and can benefit our eyes reducing the risk of cataracts, cancer, etc. Combining all the goodness into a delectable and healthy dessert can do wonders for our body and taste buds.  

2.     Aate ka Halwa (Wheat Pudding)

Aate ka Halwa is a quick go-to and delightful dessert you can relish. Never thought that such a divine recipe will come out of wheat flour. It is served as Khara Prasad in Gurudwara and other holy places. To make Aate ka Halwa (wheat pudding) we need,

·        Wheat flour

·        Desi ghee

·        Jaggery Powder

·        Water

To make a delightful Aate ka Halwa, in a pan, a cup of water is heated along with half a cup of jaggery powder and mixed. In another heated pan, Desi Ghee is heated followed by the addition of half a cup of wheat flour and cooked thoroughly in low flame until the paste turns brown and the aroma of wheat and ghee is intensified. Later the jaggery syrup is added and sautéd in low flame until the ghee starts to come

out from the sides indicating its cooked and ready to be served by topping some nuts. The melting and dainty Aate ka Halwa is ready to be feasted on. 


3.     Fruit Delight

Fruit delight is another toothsome dessert which one will love to relish in summers. It is a healthier version of fruit salad. All we need is curd, some fruits, dates, and honey. In a bowl of curd, some chopped fruits are added with dates and topped with honey to intensify the

taste and chilled for 2 hours. There we have a healthy bowl of fruit delight to impress a sweet tooth connoisseur. The goodness of fruits fusing with proteins of curd and carbohydrates from dates makes it a relishing dessert.

       The nuts delight is the same as the fruit delight only to be replaced by nuts like almonds, walnuts which are a rich source of omega -3 fatty acids again make it a healthy choice. 


4.   Black Rice Kheer (Rice Pudding)

Black rice pudding (Chak Khao Kheer) is a classic dish and is widely consumed by the natives of Manipur. To make the delightful black rice kheer we need,

·        Black rice

·        Jaggery Powder

·        Milk

·        Nuts

To start with, in a pan about 500 ml of milk is heated followed by half a cup of soaked black rice and stirring it in low flame until the milk reduces to half and the starts present in the rice start to bind making it a thick pudding. Lastly, jaggery powder is added as per taste and topped with nuts to serve. The black rice is a healthy alternative in kheer as it has anthocyanin which embraces strong anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties and tends to prevent cardiovascular disease. Black rice can be replaced with brown rice to procure its health benefits which also reduces the risk of premature aging.

5.     Shakarkandi ka Halwa (Sweet Potato Pudding)

It is a quick go-to dessert with minimal ingredients that can leave one flabbergasted. The two things we need is

·        Sweet potatoes

·        Jaggery

to make this delightful dish, sweet potato is boiled until it is soft and mashy. In another pan, pieces of jaggery are boiled in a cup of water to make a syrup. When the sweet potatoes are cooked, it is mashed into the syrup until it attains halwa like consistency. There is a bowl of sweet potato delight. Sweet potatoes are one of the best sources of complex carbohydrates that can be a great breakfast option.

6.     Coconut laddoo

Laddoos are avowed as the heart of dessert delights, and coconut laddoo can be one of the healthiest options to relish. We need

·        Grated coconut.

·        Jaggery

·        Cardamom

In a heated pan (kadhai), grated coconut, and keep on stirring it in low flame. Further few minutes, the jaggery powder along with crushed cardamom is added and sautéd in low flame until the coconut oil starts to ooze out in the sides and a strong aroma of coconut and jaggery develops, and the color darkens. After 5 minutes, the laddoos are ready to be made using fingers (wet your finger with water to avoid stickiness). These laddoos can be stored in a cool place for longer days. 

      Some other healthy dessert options can be a sweet roll, which is a go-to dessert where a spoonful of melted jaggery is poured over a chapati and roll it to relish it. You can also use sautéd coconut (made for coconut laddoos) instead of melted jaggery. Another healthy dessert delights are Sooji Ka Halwa (Semolina Pudding), Pumpkin Pudding, Vermicelli with milk, black sesame seed laddoo, etc.

  In the above Palatable desserts, some healthy alternatives are chosen like Jaggery over chemically refined sugar (as jaggery is loaded with antioxidants and minerals), black and brown rice over white rice without compromising its texture and taste. 


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