Roselle Leather

Fruit leathers are basically dried fruit based confectionary which are preferred as dessert or snack. It is basically sweet in taste and has chewy texture. Apart from its amazing taste, fruit leathers are one of the most effective way of preserving perishable fruits. 

Roselle, is termed as one of the most extraordinary plants in the world and is widely available in the North-eastern part India( known as tenga mora in Assamese). Apart from the Roselle fruit which has a tart flavour and a pinch of sweetness in it, the leaves, the stem, the roots, even the seeds serves amazing benefits to our body. Combing all the goodness of Roselle, we tried to develop a Roselle fruit leather for the young generation to relish the snack in a healthier way. The steps included were -  

1. Washing of Roselle Fruit

2. Peeling 

3. Soaking in water (30 minutes) 

4. Blending 

5. Cooking (in sugar syrup)

6. Addition of spices and Gelatin.

7. Setting into the trays.

8. Drying (6 to 8 hrs)

9. Slicing 

10. Packaging.

So, it started off with peeling the Roselle fruits and soaking in water for about 30 minutes, before blending it into a fine paste. Soon after, sugar syrup is being prepared followed by addition of the roselle paste. Other spices like ginger, black pepper is being added(according to taste preference) along with Gelatin (or other thickening agent) and cooked until the paste becomes smooth and attains a desired taste and flavour. Lastly, the paste is set in trays and dried in tray dryers for about 6 – 8 hrs at 500C until it attains a chewy and leathery texture. 

The outcome of the product were flabbergasting. We served it to our target audience and the feedback were really satisfying, it was sweet yet had a tanginess in it. The spices enhanced its taste made it even more flavourful. One can make it at home and start trading on different platforms and it can be good form of starting something unique and new. 

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