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Kolkata formerly known as Calcutta is the educational, commercial and cultural centre of the eastern part of India and is the third-most populous metropolitan city in India. It is a pioneer in the field of drama, arts, theatre, literature and delicious food, especially the mouth-watering sweets. In every corner of the city, you would see a sweet shop waiting for you to be there and taste their amazing sweets. Kolkatans take great pride in the sweets of Bengal and its unique appeal. You will hardly find a Bengali who doesn't love sweets i.e, their misti. During the festivals, weddings or greetings guests sweets are the first things served. Without sweets, no celebration is completed.

There are so many varieties of sweets that are especially available in Bengal to delight you. There are different shapes, flavoured, crunchy, and baked sweets are present that you will surely love to have it even if you are not a fan of sweet. Just a try and you will fall in love with it. Though you will get the same sweets over different places or states too the taste would be different. 

So here are some of the unique /popular Bengali sweets that you must try on whenever you visit Kolkata.

1. Baked Rosogolla - Baked Rosogolla is a bit different from other sweets as the sweet is prepared by premade Rosogolla, condensed milk, khoya, saffron, sugar, pistachios and rose water. While eating you can feel the layers of this sweet in your mouth. 

2.Pati Shapta - Pati shapta is a traditional Bengali sweet. This thin crepe is made of maida, sooji, rice flour, and filled with grated coconut mixed with jaggery. This will melt in your mouth and it tastes delightful. It is prepared on special occasions like Poila Boisakh (Bengali New Year).

Picture by - Kankana (@thebonggantha on Instagram)

3. Pantua - Pantua is a traditional Bengali sweet made of deep-fried balls of semolina/suji, chhana, milk, ghee and sugar syrup. Depending on how long they are fried they may look light brown to nearly black. The balls look hard from outside but are very soft from inside.

4. Bhapa Doi - Vhapa Doi is made by blending of yoghurt and condensed milk which is then steamed. It is garnished with almonds and is healthy and cooling too. Eat straight out of the refrigerator.

5. Ledikeni - ledikeni or lady kenny is a light fried reddish-brown sweet balls made of chenna and flour and then soaked in  sugar syrup.

6. Khirer Chop - the khirer chop or kheerer chop is a mix of flour, suji, milk, sugar, nutmeg and bread. It is stuffed with kheer/mawa and then tossed slightly in sugar syrup.

7. Nolen Gurer Payeesh - Nolen Gurer Payeesh is a rice kheer made by boiling basmati rice and date palm Jaggery instead of sugar. It is garnished with nuts and pistachios. It is a winter delicacy as fresh date palm jaggerys are available in the markets in winters.

8. Lobongo Latika - labongo Latika is made with maida, ghee, khoya, nutmeg powder, grated coconut, ghee, raisin, cloves, cardamom and sugar. This pastry is beautifully folded and sealed with clove. It is a sweet foe every occasion. It consists of filling, dough and sugar syrup.

9. Kalo Jaam -  Kalo jaam or kala jamun is a popular cheese base dessert and has a similar taste like gulab jamun but kalo jaam has darkened texture. It is made of paneer and khoya. It can be easily made at home as most of the Bengalis love eating this. 

10. Shor Bhaja - Shor Bhaja or Sar Bhaja is a deep-fried sweet dish purely made of milk cream. It takes a lot of time to make but it's worth it. Very few shops make this sweet but it's delicious.

11. Darbesh - Darbesh is a popular sweet which is a lookalike of boondi laddu but different in taste-wise. It is made by khoya/mawa, flour, sugar, ghee and some dry fruits are used for garnishing.

12. Nikuti - Nikuti tastes very similar to pantua, the only difference is the shape and size. It is a delicious combination of chhana, flour which is deep-fried in oblong Shape and immersed in sugar syrup for few hours and after that dipped them in condensed milk and enjoy the sweet.

13. Raj Bhog - Raj Bhog is just like a spongy rasgullas stuffed with dry fruits. It is a yellow coloured soft spongy balls flavoured with kesar.

14. Sita Bhog - SitaBhog is a flavourful dessert that looks like white rice mixed with small pieces of Gulab jamun, some people also think of it as a pulao which is sweet in taste. It is made of chenna, flour and sugar.

Picture by - Kankana (@thebonggantha on Instagram)

15. Malai Chom Chom - Malai Chom Chom itself is a very popular sweet of Bengali. It is prepared similarly as rasgullas. It has a lovely golden brown hue and made from chenna, malai and sugar syrup. It is heavenly sweet and enjoy the melt in your mouth.

16. Kheer Kadam - kheer kodom or kheer kadam is the mini rasgullas covered with milk cream and coated with grated khoya. It is a two-layered sweet and looks very beautiful.

17. Shondesh - Shondesh is made out of sweetened fresh milk curd(chenna). It is made in different types of shapes and flavours. The most loved flavours are mango, chocolate and pista. These sweets  in shades of milk-white and beige 

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